Intelligent Decisions opts for UE3 to improve simulation technology

Unreal Engine 3 licensed for US army

Global IT systems integrator Intelligent Decisions has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 through Applied Research Associates to create simulators for the US army.

Intelligent Decisions’ contract with the US army will see the former focuses on improving the fidelity of autonomous avatars’ behavior within the Dismounted Soldier Training System simulation, with an view to build a realistic training environment for soldiers.

“Unreal Engine 3 will give ID’s training scenario composers the ability to integrate an incoming fire haptic feedback system, full skeletal controls, and to customise terrain, weather, enemy forces, and other treacherous aspects of real life combat missions,” said Clarence Pape, vice president of simulation and training at Intelligent Decisions, which has signed to Epic’s Unreal Government Network via a partnership with science and engineering research company Applied Research Associates.

“We selected the Unreal Government Network because it gives us access to a professional-grade ecosystem of resources that include full Unreal Engine source code access, technical support, training, and pre-existing simulation tools. These capabilities will enable us to provide a new level of content fidelity and production efficiency for our customers.”

Intelligent Decisions specialises in the application of instrumented wearable device technology in the mission training and rehearsal sectors.

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