Enlighten includes ability to correct illumination for gorges and cliffs, as well as continuous travel through different areas

VIDEO: Geomerics showcases open-world dynamic lighting tech

Geomerics has expanded its Enlighten dynamic illumination technology to scale to use in large open-world game environments.

Shown off in a demo titled Seastack Bay, which was developed in partnership with Hellblade creator Ninja Theory, the software is showing covering a 25 square-km world with environmental features such as gorges, interiors, forests and beaches.

Enlighten will physically correct results in response to such highly occluded or vertical areas, including cliffs and ravines. It will also support widespread features, such as plants, rocks and grass.

It will also consistently update the delivery of lighting when players are travelling continually through a variety of environments. For instance, from an enclosed cave to a wide, open field.

Global illumination for distant geometry is solved at lower resolutions than nearby environments, allowing devs to maintain performance – Geomerics claims hardware cost can be halved by using the detail mechanisms for terrain, non-terrain light maps and probes.

Take a look at the tech in action below:


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