New Xbox Live storage function to allow Live account access from any console

Xbox 360 cloud storage announced

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox Live cloud storage function that will allow users to access their individual Live accounts from any Xbox console with an existing account.

The new service will also feature Facebook game invites and a ‘Beacons’ feature that will allow users to tag games they enjoy so that they will be alerted whenever a friend is playing that title.

“We are making it easier for you to sign into your Xbox Live account from any console at any time to access your game saves and full profile, including items such as Microsoft Points to make purchases, Achievements and friends,” explained Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten.

“Cloud storage will allow you to enjoy the same great Xbox Live gaming experience even when you’re not in your own living room by giving you the option to store your ‘game saves’ securely in the Xbox Live cloud instead of on a portable memory unit or your console’s hard drive.”

He added: “By setting a ‘Beacon’, you tell Xbox Live what you want to play. Then, Xbox Live lets you know when friends are playing or want to play the same game."

"With ‘Beacons’, no matter what you’re currently doing on Xbox Live your friends know that it’s ok to ask you to play your ‘Beaconed’ games.”


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