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Offline mode dropped from Elite: Dangerous

Plans to offer an offline mode in Elite: Dangerous have been dropped. Although Frontier originally said in its Kickstarter pledge that the game would be playable offline, it has now backtracked on the idea and confirmed that players will need to be connected to the internet at all times. A …

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Xbox One designed to be left switched on for ten years – report

Forget ‘always on’ meaning always connected to the internet – the Xbox One is designed to be, literally, always turned on. In fact, a new report suggests that Microsoft’s No.1 priority when designing the machine was to create something with complete reliability that could be left switched on for the …

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SimCity offline mode mentioned in EA customer survey

EA appears to be considering a reversal in its stance on the infamous always-on policy for SimCity, according to a customer survey. GameSpot reports on the publisher’s request for player feedback on the game, which mentions a ‘Classic Mode’ described as such: "In offline or online mode, play a single, …

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