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FilesTube and TorrentReactor among 21 blocked websites in the UK

The British courts have ordered ISPs to block a further 21 websites accused to sharing illegal material. Sites including FilesTube and TorrentReactor were among those named by the British Recording Music Industry (BPI). ISPs were ordered to block all sites on the list by October 30th. BT and Virgin Media …

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Kim Dotcom launches Megaupload replacement Mega

Mega, the new file-sharing site from controversial figure Kim Dotcom is now live. The portal is a replacement for Megaupload, which was taken offline last year following pressure from copyright holders. However, Dotcom argues that the new site is just as legitimate and has the right to exist as Dropbox, …

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‘New’ Megaupload will be immune to raids, copyright infringement claims

The creators of Megaupload have vowed that its replacement will effectively be bullet proof. US authorities ordered the closure of the file-sharing portal in January, but owners Kim Dotcom and Marthias Ortmann says that its replacement – simply called ‘Mega’ – will not be so easy to shift. TorrentFreak reports …

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