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Sony Music Entertainment’s new Unties indie label will publish games on PC and Switch

Sony has announced a brand-new games publishing label that’s set to bring indie games to a number of different platforms – including the Nintendo Switch. Rather than come under the expertise of Sony Interactive Entertainment, however, the new Unties label will be operated by Sony Music Entertainment and will largely …

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Sony was surprised by Resident Evil 7’s VR success

The higher-than-expected number of players who tried Resident Evil VII in VR was a surprise to Sony and has shaped its PS4 strategy. That appears to be the message from PlayStation’s global sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan, who told Games Industry: We had no idea that VR would play …

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Nintendo reveals extensive indie support for Nintendo Switch

The noises in the run up to launch from some indies may have been negative, but Nintendo has named a massive selection of indie games on the way to its new console. Third party support for Nintendo’s machines has been a point of contention for some time, but over 60 …

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