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Who is Nintendo’s saviour DeNA?

On Tuesday March 17th, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata surprised a gathering of press with a major announcement about the future of its business. In recent years, with the spread of smart devices, we’ve increasingly heard a variety of opinions on the future of the dedicated video game system business, and …

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Reports of unrest at Nintendo, claims management plotting Iwata toppling

A Japanese news site claims that Nintendo management are locked in a dispute with president Satoru Iwata over his smartphone strategy. Business Journal, as reported by Nintendo Everything and retweeted by Nintendo analyst Dr Serkan Toto, says that Iwata is singlehandedly vetoing demands to release Nintendo IP on smartphones. It …

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Nintendo shareholder "flabbergasted" that Iwata is still in a job

I do not understand video games and I feel angry.” That was the opening gambit of one Nintendo shareholder at the company’s recent investor Q&A, during which some stern questions were asked of the absent Satoru Iwata– whose overall shareholder approval rating is up year-on-year. At Nintendo’s shareholders’ meetings, the …

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