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Civilization VI – Civilized Quality

Following the release of Civilization VI, Sean Cleaver sat down with Sarah Darney, associate producer at Firaxis, to talk about how her background in QA has been essential for her role on the game

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TESTRONIC TALK: We’ve got how long for LQA?

“My FQA testers can finish this game in 18 hours, so three days should be enough for a thorough localisation QA pass, right?” Testronic’s Head of LQA Edd Buffery discusses the challenges facing localisation specialists…

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Standardised testing: Why QA/Loc firms are calling for best practices

QA and localisation firms face countless challenges as games evolve, making it increasingly hard to ensure games are released to the same level of quality – but there are some who believe setting industry standards is the answer. James Batchelor asked experts what they would recommend

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