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Margin Makers: Guide to WWE merchandise

2K’s wrestling franchise steps into the ring once again with WWE 2K16. MCV grapples with the latest merchandise When it comes to passionate sports devotees, professional wrestling still holds the belt. For more than three decades, enthusiasts have been fascinated by the sight of two competitors slamming each other into …

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Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed as WWE 2K16 cover star

Hell yeah – the Texas Rattlesnake himself will grace the cover of this year’s WWE game. One of the biggest wrestlers of the infamous ‘Attitude Era’, Stone Cold Steve Austin replaces relative newcomer and WWE 2K15 box star John Cena, whose "You can’t see me" catchprase takes on new meaning …

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EA: ‘Female players are one of the most important additions we’ve ever made to FIFA’

Over more than two decades, the FIFA series has made hundreds of additions to its virtual recreation of the beautiful game. From ‘97’s six-a-side indoor matches and 2001’s one-button ‘hack’ fouling to 2002’s card-collecting system and 10’s Manager Mode, there’s little that EA’s monster sports IP hasn’t embraced. Or so …

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