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The video game voice actor strike is over

After nearly a year, voice actors in the SAG-AFTRA have ratified an agreement to end a dispute that had forced many of gaming’s most recognisable voices to stay away from the sector. 90 per cent of those who voted agreed to the deal, which grants actors a bonus of up …

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Snake’s Tale: David Hayter on recognising actors, working with Kojima and plans for his own game

As the voice of Snake for more than a decade, David Hayter is one of the most iconic performers in games, as well as a successful Hollywood writer and director. With the career-defining franchise now behind him, we ask about moving from triple-A to the indie scene, the importance of contributing to characters, and what lies ahead

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‘I just wanted to be a bad guy Nathan Drake threw off a ledge’: Troy Baker on Uncharted and making art

With credits in franchises as iconic as BioShock, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Batman and Far Cry, Troy Baker is undoubtedly one of the industry's most prolific voice actors. In an expansive interview, he looks back upon his career and examines why games remain his greatest passion

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