‘360 1m ahead of PS3 in Europe’

Microsoft has claimed to MCV that its next-gen console installed base is a million units ahead of Sony in Europe.

Sony announced it had sold 10m units in the PAL territory at Gamescom two weeks ago – just days after Microsoft had revealed a 9m installed base figure for the Xbox 360 in Europe to MCV.

We’re confident we are actually around a million units ahead," Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis contested, after the firm announced new prices for its Arcade and Elite 360s – and phased out of the Pro SKU.

We count installed base differently to them,” he added.

We count the number of units in the hands of consumers. We are committed to continuing that momentum – not only in places like the UK, France and Germany. Continued growth in all parts of Europe is integral to winning [against PS3] overall.”

The Elite 360 dropped in price last week, but the Arcade SKU has risen to 159 – a jump of 30. Lewis blamed exchange rate fluctuations” for the hike.

He said the format-holder has no current plans to phase out its HD-less Arcade console despite Xbox’s emphasis on digital content – as the low-end model reaches a different audience to the Elite.

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