Apple rejected Mojang’s Scrolls for iOS prior to its scheduled cancellation

The mystery behind Mojang’s failure to release Scrolls on iOS appears to have been solved.

The game was released on PC and Android last December but despite being scheduled to appear on Apple’s devices never migrated to the platform.

Touch Arcade reports that the game was actually successfully ported to iPad and even got as far as being submitted to the App Store. However, Apple actually rejected the game because of the way it handles player accounts and registrations.

A miscommunication” from an unspecified party was apparently to blame, meaning the app failed to comply with required standards.

The issue was fixable, it seems, but not without considerable effort – effectively ruling the possibility out.

Mojang has also stressed that even if it had been released on iOS it would not have been enough to stop the game’s demise. It also added that the decision to close Scrolls had nothing to do with Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, with the decision ultimately being left in the developer’s hands.

Mojang announced last month that it is no longer developing content for its card-battle strategy game, confirming plans to shut down servers in 2016. Servers will remain open for the game until July 1st, 2016.

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