Battlefield V sees lower pre-orders than expected

Battlefield V’s pre-order numbers are lower than expected, but the game still isn’t likely to bomb.

The news comes via Doug Creutz, analyst at investment firm Cowen & Co, who said pre-release pickup for Battlefield V was behind that of two titles coming out either side of DICE’s game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

EA’s future earnings projections weren’t raised in this year’s financials, and underperforming pre-orders for one of the publisher’s biggest titles are a decent shout as to why. That said, Battlefield V is still outperforming pre-order numbers for Titanfall 2, though it’s falling behind the pickup for Battlefield 1.

The news fell between the gaps somewhat, with most of the focus centring on longtime DICE and EA executive Patrick Söderlund leaving both companies. His departure isn’t likely related to the underperforming pre-order situation, mind, with the exec looking to leave EA for a while before the announcement was made.

There might be some rumblings concerning the entirely manufactured outrage surrounding Battlefield V having an impact on pre-orders, but that too is highly unlikely to be the case.

Battlefield V already has a robust post-launch release plan in place, with a battle royale mode the main draw after release. Regardless of pre-order numbers, EA is sure to be pushing hard to make the game a success; following Ubisoft’s path of post-launch support would seem to be the right way to go. Rainbow Six Siege and the Division, raise your hands.

An open beta for Battlefield V kicks off early in September.

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