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EA’s knockout initiative to address skills shortfall – “We want everyone to see a future for themselves in the industry, no matter their background, ethnicity, or gender.”

In March, EA announced the start of not one but two educational partnerships. The first with Ukie’s Digital Schoolhouse, the other with EVERFI in the UK. The aim: to bring the spheres of education and industry closer together.

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[Sponsored] Positive Play: How EA is making the games industry a more welcoming place to work

Chris Bruzzo, chief experience officer at EA, tells us about what the publisher is doing to create a more diverse, welcoming industry, and the work it’s doing to reduce harassment inside and outside of games. This article was created in collaboration with EA.

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Playing for Better: How EA’s FIFA is helping make football more inclusive

Efforts to improve diversity and inclusion, right across our society, are finally getting the attention they deserve. But football, for better and worse, has been in the spotlight for such issues of late. We talk to EA about its efforts to make sure the beautiful game is for everyone

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