Holding A Mirror Up To The Industry: Laura Kate Dale and Jane Aerith Magnet on their book Who Hunts the Whale

Factual reporting has shone a spotlight on a number of industry workplace issues, but there are shadows still to be illuminated. Richie Shoemaker spoke to the authors of Who Hunts the Whale to see if a healthy dose of fiction might better reflect the workaday reality of making games

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The Next Debug Thing: Dean Mortlock on his new print magazine that celebrates video games

Richie Shoemaker flicks through the first issue of Debug, a new games magazine edited by veteran mag-ician Dean Mortlock that aims to be a champion for indie titles, studios and publishers

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Business Savvy – Brian Ward on what Savvy is currently up to in the games and esports industries, and why

Brian Ward, CEO of Savvy Games Group, tells Vince Pavey about its mission to drive the growth and development of the games industry in Saudi Arabia and beyond

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