Bulletstorm gets glowing reviews

Ahead of its UK release this Friday, EA’s People Can Fly developed shooter Bulletstorm is revelling in critical acclaim.

Following the lifting of EA’s reviews embargo last night, the game is currently averaging 85 per cent on reviews aggregation site Metacritic.

CVG, who scored it 9.1/10, said of the title: "Yes, its vulgar and obscene nature might rub some people the wrong way, but for many Bulletstorm will be a humorous, tongue-in-cheek romp that distinguishes itself from the samey sci-fi and military shooters clogging up the genre.

"The game brings simple design concepts used in the infancy of the FPS to the modern day and garnishes them with all the current-generation trimmings. If you’re looking for an exciting FPS which is packed to the rafters with identity – and, of course, doesn’t mind getting a little bit silly – this one comes seriously recommended."

Videogamer.com‘s 9/10 review added: "The eight hour-odd campaign is fantastically well paced. Long stretches of ‘everyday gameplay’ are punctuated with on-rails mini-gun rides, drawn out sniper fights (where you can take direct control of a bullet) and boss fights against building-sized plants.

"Perhaps the most memorable set piece (and possibly the best part of the entire game, actually) furnishes Grayson with a handset for a remote controlled cyborg-dinosaur that shoots lasers from his eyes. It’s every bit as awesome as it sounds.

"At a time when games are brimming with gritty realism, a single-minded approach to multiplayer and oh-so-serious plots characterised by a chorus of military buzz-words, Bulletstorm is a refreshing departure from the norm. Behind the f-bombs and dick-tits are some incredibly mature and well thought out mechanics."

And there was another 9/10 from Destructoid, which was equally as gushing: "The ink on the blueprints for the standard first-person shooter experience has dried. Developers seem to have mastered the art of delivering a solid and fun triple-A shooter experience, to the point where it almost seems effortless.

"With Bulletstorm, Epic and People Can Fly not only succeed at delivering the ‘bigger’ and the ‘more’ but bring with it a gameplay slant that makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. Yes, it may be brazenly outrageous and juvenile; be prepared to check your Serious Business Adult” card at the door. But lurking underneath is a seriously fun, novel take on the first-person shooter genre that shouldn’t be ignored. Just make sure you don’t ‘play it wrong’."

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