Clegg: Ill repeal DEB

Still jubilant after his success as last night’s first ever UK televised Election Debate, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has announced that he will repeal the Digital Economy Bill if his party gets into power.

Clegg has vowed to give the DEB the proper debate that many clamoured for prior to its controversial passing last week.

The Liberal Democrats were the only party to oppose the DEB in its final vote at the Commons, but it was unable to block it thanks to the combined forces of Labour and the Conservatives.

We did our best to prevent the Digital Economy Bill being rushed through at the last moment,” Clegg stated, according to TechRadar.

It badly needed more debate and amendment, and we are extremely worried that it will now lead to completely innocent people having their internet connections cut off.

It was far too heavily weighted in favour of the big corporations and those who are worried about too much information becoming available. It badly needs to be repealed, and the issues revisited.”

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