Images of UK Chancellor Alistair Darling as he tours UK game studios

In Pictures: The taxman on tour [Updated]

Alistair Darling has met with UK studios Realtime Worlds and Devon-based Remode to discuss the key game development issues facing Britain.

Below are images of the second most powerful man in Britain talking to the pixel dealers and code masters that make up what is a hugely creative and lucrative British sector.

Abertay University

Amazing. Develop’s been photoshopping controllers into the hands of parliamentarians for years. Our plight is now over. Note: on the left is Butterflyers Team Leader Vykintas Kazdailis, whose team won this year’s BAFTA One to Watch award after fighting through Dare to be Digital. Alistair Darling is now playing his game. Mental.

Yes, it resembles a supermarket self-checkout machine, but the Chancellor is clearly impressed with this technology presented by an Abertay student.

Again, don’t be fooled. It’s not a photocopier, but a box of joy that is manifestly hard to define.

Realtime Worlds

Here, with RTW creative director Dave Jones

Since the only thing of comment in the last picture was an abandoned pram, it’s a relief that this image compensates competently. Here, with Darling, Star Wars minatures, a Left 4 Dead poster, and an onlooker donning an impressive beard.


Here, with Darling meeting Remode MD Ella Romanos (r).

And here, with his body double? Are there two Alistair Darlings?Well, that would explain the [enter vague political satire here]!!!!!!

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