Battlefield Hardline will offer ‘great stability at launch’, dev promises

The problems that have beset Battlefield 4 since launch will not be repeated when Battlefield Hardline arrives.

That’s the pledge of Visceral Entertainment’s lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser, who has told PSLifestyle – as reported by CVG – that the issue is a top priority for the studio.

"A lot of our engineers are participating in the CTE (Community Test Environment), actively helping with the changes going on there," he said.

"One of the great things about working on this franchise with DICE, is that we’re able to take some of these improvements and roll them into the Hardline game. So expect to see great stability at launch, and anything we can do to improve the player experience, we’re going to take that very seriously and try to get that into the game."

Battlefield 4 was (and according to some users, still is) plagued by a host of technical issues that DICE has repeatedly vowed to fix, forcing EA to admit that the saga has been unacceptable – and assert that changes have been made to ensure there is never a repeat.

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