Sony may be combining traditional and motion control in one device

Combined Dualshock and Move controller patented

A Sony patent for a combined Dualshock and Playstation Move controler has been approved.

Skyrim, FIFA, and other major franchises have added motion and voice control options for their games.

With this in mind it makes sense that Sony, which has a relatively limited motion control device as compared with Microsoft, would seek to level the playing field.

The device is a Dualshock controller that splits down the middle and has a Move globe on both sides.

With such a device it would be far easier for a user to switch between the standard twin stick controls and motion control.

While the patent does not specify whether the device is for the PlayStation 3 or a future console but drawings reported by The Sixth Axis show it uses Cell architecture which points to a design for use with the current-generation hardware.

The patent was filed in May 2011 but has only just been published.

Though the device may never see shelves, it is definitely an interesting concept, if not one that inspires immediate consumer confidence.

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