GAME OVER: December 2022

As is often the way of things, the year appears to be ending much like it began, with Microsoft’s bid to acquire Activision Blizzard dominating the headlines. Everything has hinged, it seems, on whether Microsoft would continue to release Call of Duty on Sony hardware, despite Microsoft saying it kinda sorta maybe would, while Sony assumed it wouldn’t, because it kinda sorta maybe wouldn’t if roles were reversed.

The bad news, for those that bought a PlayStation 5 this year hoping to be forever free of Call of Duty’s annual tyranny, is that after months of both companies’ legal whining in courts across the globe, Microsoft has signed up to releasing Call of Duty on Sony hardware for the next ten years, assuming of course that the deal to acquire Activision goes through. It will be kinda hilarious if it doesn’t. (It will.)

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