E3 2010: Nintendo roundup

Nintendo’s E3 press conference has just come to a close, leaving those lucky enough to be in the audience some hands-on time with the much anticipated and finally revealed Nintendo 3DS.

The machine, as previously reported, boasts a 3.5” widescreen, analogue stick and a slider that adjust the ‘amount’ of 3D that is applied to the top screen. Only the bottom screen, however, is touch sensitive.

This year’s show was notable in that it served Nintendo’s core audience far more than last year’s controversial display. Note, too, that the Vitality Sensor – a device which seemed to enrage much of Nintendo’s faithful last time out – was nowhere to be seen.

The device also supports 3D movies and is able to take 3D pictures.

But that’s not all Nintendo had up its sleeve. Also revealed was a brand new Zelda outing on Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and a new mini-game collection – Mario Sports.

There was also the return of iconic characters Kirby, Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus, both of which get their own games.

Here’s a complete run-down of all the Nintendo news:

* 3DS unveiled
* Zelda Skyward Sword announced
* No launch date for 3DS
* Has Vitality Sensor flatlined?
* Wide publisher support for 3DS praised
* Kid Icarus to front 3DS march
* Donkey Kong Country Returns
* 3D move support for 3DS
* Mario Sports debuts
* Epic Mickey due this Q4
* NBA Jam takes to the stage
* Just Dance 2 dated for Christmas
* Wii Party dated
* Reggie refutes ‘Wii slump claims’
* Goldeneye gets officially unveiled
* Kirby’s Epic Yarn debuts
* Metroid Other M gets US date
* Nintendo’s & Cats heading to 3DS

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