First paid DLC for Bad Company 2

The first paid-for DLC for EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been revealed – and it’s called the Kit Upgrade DLC.

Each class in the multiplayer game will receive new uniforms, camouflaged weapons, two multiplayer awards and one Achievement. They can be bought individually for 160 Microsoft Points or as a bundle of four for 440 MSP.

In the US, the DLC can only be accessed by those who have bought into the relevant Dr Pepper promotion.

Until now all DLC for the game has been free, a fact that has been all the more heightened by the 10.20 Activision chose to charge for Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC.

Note the big difference between the two, however – MW2’s content has been developed post-release, whereas BFBC2’s ‘fresh’ content to date is already sitting on discs bought by the consumer. EA has simply been unlocking it.

The game’s developer DICE has previosuly pledged never to charge for map packs.

The Kit Upgrade DLC will be released on April 21st on Xbox 360. It will arrive on PS3 and PC a little later on”, according to EA.

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