Sony will be able to convert Wii developers to PS3 with Motion Controller, says our source

GDC: Dev source backs claim of PS3 ‘nunchuck’

A games development source has told Develop that Sony’s new Motion Controller device will work in tandem with an optional extra Wii Nunchuck-style add-on.

Our source says claims that even though the controller’s final execution will be ‘reminiscent’ to the Wii, the familiar elements provide scope for those working on Nintendo’s platform to ‘upgrade’ their ideas to the HD rival PS3.

News that the motion controller, thought by many to be called Arc, will have a nunchuck add-on first emerged publically yesterday.

Sony is expected to finally reveal more official details about its new controller on Wednesday evening at a special press conference during GDC.

The company should start firming out details about the device, which launches towards the end of the year – specifically, the format holder is most likely to show launch games and development partners for the first wave of titles for the device.

Developers have, of course, already been briefed about the controller’s newer capabilities at behind-closed-door briefings in recent months.

Development sources first tipped us off to the device on the eve of E3, when the device was first shown in an early prototype form.

Since then, Sony has only shown the device – still without an official name – at some select industry events, including the Develop Conference and Tokyo Game Show.

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