Glasses no barrier for 3D gaming

A new report has emerged which challenges the belief that the need to wear glasses to watch 3D content is a barrier to entry, particularly in the games market.

A study by the U-Decide Initiative, reported by Industry Gamers, claims that 80 per cent of gamers are willing to wear glasses to either play 3D games or watch 3D movies. Remove the requirement for glasses and this climbs to 92 per cent, but nonetheless, it’s a very high initial figure.

The report also finds that appetite for 3D sporting events and broadcast TV is significantly lower.

The results contradict previous claims that 3D glasses will limit the potential impact of the technology’s uptake in the home.

Note, though, that key members of U-Decide team include the S-3D Gaming Alliance and 3D TV manufacturer Panasonic. Indeed, the study adds: If you are concerned about the impact Stereovision-3D is having on the gaming market, then you should check out U-Decide’s latest findings, and consider becoming a supporting S3DGA member.”

Just this morning Microsoft Game Studios’ Phil Spencer cited the need for glasses as a key reason for Microsoft’s cautious approach to the sector.

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