Is the ‘new’ Wii u controller actually the ‘old’ Wii U controller?

Twitter faux pas, fake, PR stunt or employee blunder? Who knows, but in the mean time there’s nothing to stop us speculating!

This morning MCV revealed a picture leaked by a TT Games employee on Twitter that showed an altered version of the Wii U controller currently being used at the studio.

However, users on the NeoGAF forum have, after consulting original design documents, discovered that the ‘new’ controller is actually more like Nintendo’s original design, suggesting the company has reverted to that after feedback from early testers.

The changes between the two appear minimal (and can be seen clearly in this useful animated GIF) but could quite likely have a big impact on usability. The 3DS-style analogue nubs have been replaced with ‘proper’ analogue sticks – sources add that these are clickable like the sticks found on Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers.

In addition, a slight rearrangement of the buttons makes everything a bit more accessible. It’s unknown if this current unit retains the curved rear of the second generation hardware or reverts to the flatter back of the first machine.

What we don’t know, however, is what the two new mystery buttons are – if indeed they are buttons at all.

As can be seen in the picture below, unlabelled square panels have now appeared below both the d-pad and on the lower right of the machine.

Speculation regarding their role is rife as you might imagine. Some reckon it could be something to do with the device’s NFC tech, while others have even suggested they could mark the return of the infamous Vitality Sensor!

Expect all these answers to be revealed at E3, which kicks off two weeks from today.

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