Kid Icarus gets Circle Pad Pro support

The man behind Kid Icarus’ return has confirmed that upcoming 3DS title Uprising will be compatible with the new Circle Pad Pro.

The game’s director Masahiro Sakurai said the add-on will allow left-handed gamers to control the action shooter in a way that will be much more comfortable to them.

"The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers," he told Official Nintendo Magazine. "We’ve made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one."

He went on to add that the Circle Pad Pro had not been an option when development on Uprising began, and that he doesn’t believe the peripheral is essential for the game.

"I didn’t know the specs of the Circle Pad Pro, or what it looked like, until Monster Hunter 3G was announced, so we weren’t able to do anything big with it in the time we had," Sakurai explained.

"Even if we had known about it from the start, I don’t know whether we woudl have used both Circle Pads in that way."

Kid Icarus: Uprising is currently due for release in March. The Circle Pad Pro debuts on January 27th, alongside Resident Evil: Revelations.

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