Miyamoto: ‘My best is yet to come’

World-renowned games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said his best work is yet to come, and the challenge of building the next line of consoles comes down to how unique Nintendo can make theirs.

In an interview with GamesTM he said: In the past five years I’ve been working on such unusual titles like Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort.

Ten years ago I could never have been able to imagine that I would be making games like that. That’s why I can say that the best is yet to come to me.”

GamesTM also quizzed the Nintendo legend on a HD Wii console.

Technology is always evolving and Nintendo, just like other companies, is going to integrate those technologies into our new products as they develop,” Miyamoto added.

Whether that be a Wii HD, Wii 2 or an entirely new console, I am not in a position to say at the moment.

I think that in the next generation of hardware, the challenge is how unique and different a product Nintendo is able to make.”

When GamesTM told Miyamoto that they’d love to see a new Starfox game for Wii, he replied: Me too.”

He also previously said to Japanese games magazine Famitsu that the Wiimote could be used to control the Arwing in Starfox.

Miyamoto picked up a lifetime achievement award at the video game BAFTAs last month. He created many of Nintendo’s original franchises, including Mario and Zelda.

GamesTM recently launched a new website.

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