NINTENDO: Epic Mickey due this Christmas

Disney’s upcoming Wii adventure game Epic Mickey will be released in Q4 this year.

The announcement was made at Nintendo’s E3 conference by president Reggie Fils-Aime and head of Junction Point Studios Warren Spector. Epic Mickey was showcased live by Adam Creighton, producer of the game.

Fils-Aime said: We grew up with Mickey Mouse, and our kids and grandchildren will grow up with him.

Now Mickey is returning for a new game exclusive to Wii, which sets a new tone and direction for this world renown character.”

Warren Spector added: Mickey Mouse is one of the biggest movie stars in the world but for all the success he’s achieved he hasn’t become the video game hero to deserves to be.

That is about to change.”

The title includes side scrolling 2D sections from the first Mickey film SteamBoat Willie to 3D worlds from modern Disney films.

Players can use paint and paint thinner to restore objects to glory or destroy them in a dark new direction for the Disney franchise.

Epic Mickey is scheduled for worldwide release this Christmas.

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