Nintendo Switch: Industry reaction from the launch

The Nintendo Switch has been dated and priced, so we wondered what the industry thought of the new device. The home-handheld hybrid was always going to be an intriguing and possibly opinion-dividing console, if only because it’s completely unlike anything that’s been seen before.

With a price that’s higher than many predicted over the last few weeks, we got the latest reactions from those in the industry and at the event and over all things are looking pretty good for the new device.

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Great news for consumers who-preordered but Stephen Staley atGameseekisn’t happy about the price: "Yes it’s really exciting – we are all looking forward to the launch of the Nintendo Switch here at GameSeek and not only myself but many staff members will be purchasing one! We all grew up playing Nintendo and eagerly look forward to playing this latest console.

"Sadly though i believe the price is too expensive it should have been 199.99. Nintendo had an amazing chance here to get off to a great start but i think 279 is too high. When we priced the Switch on our website for pre-order we did so at 198.50. We sold nearly a thousand units! Good news to our customers though, for everyone that pre-ordered it at 198.50 we are going to honour all orders quite simply because i am extremely passionate about the video game industry and believe the customers deserved this at the 200 mark."

Team 17 said about the new console: Team17 welcomes the arrival of Nintendo Switch. The concept of a new platform that can bridge the void between the home and handheld markets is fantastic and it’s great to see a global approach from Nintendo in terms of launch date and flexibility in region restrictions. I’m excited about more focus on introducing a network services model, for which we hope may bring more opportunities for independent developers and traditional publishers alike as the service evolves

"We would see the hardware pricing as a signal that the early adopters will largely be composed of Nintendo fans rather than the more casual/broader audiences, but this is no bad thing in the early stages. We are excited about working with Nintendo and the possibility to bring games to the new platform”.

Garry Williams from Sold Out was less impressed but keeping an open mind all the same: "Price, battery life and the question ‘is it too big to be portable and too small to be your front room machine’ vex me. Then I remember I never saw the point of two screens on a DS yet when purchased ‘I got it’ and it became my most played games machine. So I remember – never to write Nintendo off!"

Dan Long from Insert Coin was widely positive: "It’s always exciting when new hardware is announced but I think Nintendo have pitched the Switch very well. It was so important to deliver something distinct, innovative and unique, and they’ve definitely hooked into the things that gamers want from their next Nintendo experience. Sensibly priced and armed with a solid range of titles to support it too, this is definitely a launch to get excited about."

Stefano Petrullo, Renaissance PR was impressed by the challenge that Nintendo had taken on: I am really excited to see the new Nintendo Switch arriving on the market this year. Nintendo has always been different in their approach in console design and offer proposition. It is safe to say it was always and almost unique and I do not believe this time is different. What Nintendo is trying to achieve is very challenging and I always support innovation and new market solutions that wide the offer to the consumer as well as give more way to developer to express their creativity”

Alice Bell,, thinks that Zelda will carry the Switch: "The price for the Switch isn’t really bad, but it’s more than a lot of people were hoping it would be. I think that and the fact it’s not got a lot of launch titles is going to put people off getting it immediately at launch. On the other hand Nintendo are bloody well putting their best foot forward with what they do have at launch. Huge new Zelda game! Be still my beating heart. Or possibly pieces of heart. Whatever, Zelda is exciting."

Gareth Williams at Premier is concerned about third-party support and who it’s targeting: "At last, we’re a little more clear on the detail for Nintendo’s new machine, and like many others, I’ve already pre-ordered. And although we have the usual concerns over 3rd party support, Nintendo has never needed 3rd parties to make its platforms a success.

"However, my concern is the proposition; it seems to be targeting I wide audience. We can never discount Nintendo’s appeal, or its marketing prowess after the success of the Wii, but that was a long time ago. At 279, Switch will be more expensive than PS4 and Xbox One, and while some might argue that Nintendo is aiming for a different audience – they’ll need traditional gamers for 3rd parties to enjoy success – so right now, they’ll find it hard to appeal to the core outside of early adopters.

"If anyone can get the right mix of marketing and content, it’s Nintendo, and I’ve got everything crossed that Switch will be disruptive, and a huge success."

Mike Fethers, head of tech and games over at The Hut Grouppraised the quality of Nintendo’s rather slim line-up.

"I’m really excited by what I’ve seen today. Nintendo and its partners have gone for quality over quantity for its announcements.

"It’s a Day One purchase for me. It justifies its price point through the portable element. Everything feels great in the hand and you know a lot of efforts gone into it."

Bleeding Cool’s Patrick Dane says that the Nintendo magic is still there with this console, but that pricing and the range of games announced are cause for worry: "

There is something kind of magic when you’re playing Zelda and then it’s instantly ready to go, that’s awesome. At the same time, I still have concerns, for example the price. I’m also worried about the breadth of games. I think Zelda is great, Splatoon is Splatoon, and then it’s a lot of ports of other games, especially at launch. I would have hoped for a little more diversity, like something coming really trying to get me to buy it especially since the Zelda was coming on the Wii U. There’s nothing besides that portability – which I’m not convinced in. It’s supposed to last three hours but I’m not sure it’s going to be sufficient to live up to that dream of you taking it out and playing wherever you want.

"The concept is there clearly but I certainly have some key doubts like this should be like when a new PlayStation or Xbox One is coming out, that is massive, right now with the Nintendo Switch I’m kind of like ‘yeah, alright’… It doesn’t feel like the big massive thing a whole new console should come with. At least for me."

Meanwhile, Videogamer’s Colm Ahern believes that the lack of brand new titles means that the Switch hasn’t necessarily justified its place in the market.

"Right now, it seems like it’s a console we don’t necessarily need," he said."Obviously with all the ports, like Skyrim, we’re getting excited about games that are months or years old. And you have some exciting things about it, like Zelda – I enjoyed it. One of my main worries is this is coming out in March and I don’t

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