Nintendo will reveal the NX today

Over a year and a half after it was first announced, Nintendo will today finally give us the first look at the NX.

A preview trailer for the console will go live at 3pm UK time today (October 20th). Rumours suggest that the short will only be three minutes long, but that should at least be enough time to confirm the machine’s hybrid design.

We already know an awful lot about Nintendo’s plans for the device. As confirmed in September following the leak in July, the NX is a hybrid machine that is designed to work as a tablet for portable gaming but also an under-the-TV console at home. It will include a pair of detachable controllers and employ an Nvidia-based mobile architecture.

There has been resistance from parts of the fanbase to accept these details, with some fans seemingly clamouring for a console-first design that is not so mobile centric.

The NX is believed to still be on track for launch in March 2017.

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