Nnooo talks about developing for WiiWare

escapeVektor: Chapter 1 has been given pricing and a release date by developer Nnooo today, who has spoken to MCV about releasing games for WiiWare.

The downloadable Wii title will be available worldwide on 29th September for 500 Nintendo points, and blends Tron style arcade gameplay with intense puzzle action to unique and very colourful effect.

Nic Watt, creative director at Nnooo, told MCV: "WiiWare like all channels for an indie developer is a tough market to compete in. As a small independent developer we have learnt that it is not simply good enough to have a great, highly polished game and expect it to sell well just on word of mouth."

"With Nintendo there is no green light process, or arbitrary requirement to make 3 disc titles before you can make a digital title. If you believe in it and want to make it you can."

"A lot of people talk about the lack of support or lack of focus Nintendo put on their digital platforms and don’t realise that for Nintendo it is about marketing the platform as a whole and allowing you, the developer, the room to develop and promote your title as you see fit."

Watt believes that this perceived focus that Nintendo has on its console integrity over its digital distribution channels actually forces indie studios to think harder about how to make their titles cut through.

He concludes: "For us it has taught us the importance of not only making great content but also working out the best ways to market our title to reach as many people as possible.We are happy to support Nintendo and their platforms and are excited about our future on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U."

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