Brand Map: Fable on Kinect

This week, we’re going to look at Fable using the GameVision Brand Map you can buy direct from MCV online.

At E3 in June, Microsoft Game Studios’ creative director Peter Molyneux unveiled Fable: The Journey, a new chapter in the Fable series that uses Microsoft’s Kinect. But is Fable such a good franchise to bring to the platform holder’s motion-sensing peripheral?

This week we’re going to look at Fable using the GameVision Brand Map you can buy direct from the MCV website. We asked 6,739 gamers about Fable of whom 490 had played the game in the last six months.

GameVision asked players of Fable what they enjoyed most about each game. An involving storyline was a key driver alongside the ability to be the hero, which you can personalise. Fable is not, however, driven by motivations of playing for short periods and fast gameplay, which are often the key values towards a casual Kinect title.

As you can see from the graph (below), 27 per cent of Fable players already own a Kinect for Xbox 360. 57 per cent are planning to get one and only 15 per cent said they are not planning to purchase a Kinect.

This is a more positive profile of Kinect usage and purchase intention than seen amongst players of an average game. Players of Fable seem more likely to embrace Kinect than players of other core Xbox games.

So the audience for a Kinect-compatible version of Fable is already there. However, the core values of the game must be evenly balanced with gameplay drivers of Kinect-based software.

It is a difficult balance to get correct, but done right and Kinect compatibility could be a very interesting addition to the latest chapter to Fable.

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