Nyko reveals Vita battery pack

Keen to make the most of fears concerning the PlayStation Vita’s short battery life, accessories firm Nyko has revealed a battery-boosting adapter for the handheld.

Called the Power Grip, 1UP reports that it will increase the console’s battery life by a factor of three, meaning the best part of ten hours gaming when on the move.

It also folds up, meaning that the protruding handles can be tucked away neatly for transport. It can be charged using Vita’s native power adapter.

Out of the box, Vita provides between three and five hours gaming time on a single charge. Factors such as screen brightness and wireless connectivity can dent this even further.

That’s around the same time offered by Nintendo’s 3DS – a system for which Nyko has also received a battery pack for.

The Power Grip for Vita carries a US price of just $24.99.

Other Nyko Vita accessories on the way include a Speaker Stand ($29.99), Power Armour Kit ($29.99) and Power Kit ($19.99).

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