Crytek dev appears to have attended 'Durango developers conference' in London

Rumour: ‘Secret Xbox 720 dev event in London’

The existence of an Xbox 720 developer event appears to have been leaked through a harmless Tweet by a Crytek developer claiming to be on location.

Sean Tracy, a technical designer for Crytek, earlier tweeted: “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks”.

He has since deleted the comment, following press reports linking the name Durango to a purported codename for the next generation Xbox.

[Image: NeoGaf]

Microsoft is currently undertaking a large-scale media operation, raising suspicions that it could be preparing to soon reveal plans for projects beyond its current Xbox 360 system.

Lionhead, a Microsoft subsidiary studio that Develop understands is working on a next-generation games project, has begun a mystery seven-day countdown on its website. The timer will conclude during GDC week.

Meanwhile, a pack of UK journalists are currently heading to San Francisco to attend a behind-closed-doors Microsoft event.

These events could however be related to future Xbox 360 games, such as Halo 4, to hardware advancements such as cloud gaming technologies.

Crytek recently claimed that its CryEngine technology is already being used for various next generation game projects.

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