SNES Mini sells more than Switch in Week One – Famitsu

Nintendo’s Classic Mini SNES has sold over 360,000 units in Japan during its opening week, Famitsu has revealed. While we’ve yet to receive Famitsu’s full hardware charts for last week, the publication took to its own website this morning to state the highly-sought after micro console shifted 368,913 in its first four days on sale based on its preliminary report, meaning it had a more successful launch than the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch, by comparison, launched to 330,637 unit sales in Japan back on March 3rd 2017, but this only had three days on shelves compared to the Classic Mini SNES’s four days. The Classic Mini SNES console launched on October 5th in Japan, and Famitsu closed its report on October 8th.

Regardless, this will almost certainly make it the best-selling piece of hardware for the week, as even the week before last’s Switch hardware sales only reached 74,500.

Famitsu is expecting the console to be a strong seller for the rest of the year, too, provided Nintendo can keep up with demand: "In the future, we expect further growth in sales volume for Christmas and the end-of-year sales battle," Famitsu said. 

The Classic Mini SNES has been in hot demand all over the world ever since it first launched in Europe and the US at the end of last month, with retailers selling out almost as soon as new stock arrives. Nintendo promised to improve the stock situation before launch to try and prevent a repeat of the Classic Mini NES debacle last year, but the console has still been very difficult to get hold regardless. 

Still, with Nintendo now promising to continue shipping the console well into 2018 (it originally stated it would only ship it until the end of the 2017), stock should hopefully start arriving more frequently over the coming months. Indeed, it’s even confirmed the Classic Mini NES is going back into production, so that too should start reappearing on shop shelves sometime next year. 

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