As SCEEâ??s Zeno Colaco suggests Minis could be released on other platforms, including PS3

Sony: PSP Minis â??will probably transition to UMDâ??

New incentives may lie ahead for developers working on PSP Minis.

The sub-100MB-sized games may soon end up on store shelves as packaged UMD games, according to Sony.

“The most successful Minis titles will probably transition to UMD,” said Sony Europe’s Zeno Colaco, in an interview with Develop.

Minis are essentially Sony’s answer to the significant popularity of App Store games.

Like the thousands of cheap games available on iTunes, PSP Minis are aimed to be quick and straightforward to develop, priced for as little as $0.99, and distributed digitally for ‘one-click’ impulse buys.

Information from Sony thus far has implied that Minis – which will be available on both PSP and the upcoming PSPgo – will have little to differentiate themselves from App Store games.

Yet if Minis are released on UMD, developers and publishers would have the opportunity to access revenue from the retail market as well as the PlayStation Store; an incentive which Apple cannot match.

“I think that many Minis titles wouldn’t necessarily hold up well at retail, which is a completely different environment,” said Colaco.

“I think that a package of multiple Minis games on a single UMD is a real possibility at a later stage, where even a studio or publisher will put a collection of their own games on a single disc. We’d be open to that.”

Meanwhile, also in the second part of Develop’s interview with Colaco, the SCEE head of developer relations adds that PSP Minis may end up on additional platforms, such as the PS3.

“I do think that one thing that’s key on this particular initiative is that PSP Minis will be snack-sized experiences, and we’re looking at when PSP players are looking for that instant ten-minute game – such as when they’re commuting,” he said.

“These games won’t need to necessarily be built for the home console, and I think these games will find their true life and identity in those micro-bursts of play. But I do think there’s a possibility that Minis could find themselves on other consoles down the line.”

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