PlayStation group still eager to teach external studios about the tech

Sony: Uncharted 3 ‘will redefine 3D gaming’

Naughty Dog’s next blockbuster project will show how far 3D gaming technology has come in its first year, a senior PlayStation development boss has said.

Mick Hocking, the director of Sony WorldWide Studios’ 3D team, said much progress can still be made with the tech.

“When Uncharted 3 launches it will show a new level in 3D gaming,” he told Develop.

He said the game is “the embodiment of all Sony has learnt about 3D” in the past year.

“Naughty Dog are obviously one of the world’s top developers, and what they’ve done with Uncharted 3 in 3D will really convince people of our full-screen HD 3D solution,” he said.

The Uncharted 3 project is due to finish by October, with a full Western release due from November 1st.

Its predecessor had accumulated numerous awards and a glowing critical reception – something which Naughty Dog is exhausting all resources to replicate.

Adding 3D capabilities to the game appears to be central in Naughty Dog’s plans.

“The style of game itself suits 3D very well, and the attention to detail that Naughty Dog have delivered in their 3D solution has really impressed me,” Hocking said.

“Genuinely, Uncharted 3 looks phenomenal in 3D.”

Sony is still a firm believer in the commercial appeal of 3D gaming, and Hocking told Develop the company wants more external companies to adopt the technology.

“Part of our responsibility as a platform holder is to go out there and educate people about how they can take advantage of 3D gaming,” he said.

“Great quality 3D content is still one of the most important factors in growing the 3D gaming market, and for this education is key.

“We give external developers access to our support network, and our dedicated 3D team. We will head out there to demonstrate what the tech can achieve and we will help in technical and creative solutions for 3D Games.

“Anyone who wants to do 3D on PlayStation 3 can get in touch with us, we’re very pro-active and here to help.”

Hocking has been booked for a high-profile 3D gaming talk at the upcoming Develop Conference, where he will discuss the progress the tech has made in its first year.

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