Suda 51: Third-party Wii games arent selling

Game developer Goichi Suda, the man behind GameCube and PS2 cult classic Killer 7 and upcoming Wii curiosity No More Heroes, has said that Nintendo are the only company making any money out of the Wii.

Upon its release in Japan, No More Heroes generated quite a lot of attention in the specialist press but failed to match this at retail. Speaking to CVG, Suda 51 stated:

"Whilst the sales weren’t as high as I hoped, other titles for Wii aren’t selling so well either. Only Nintendo titles are doing well. This isn’t just because of the current situation in Japan, as this is happening outside Japan.

I am very surprised about the reality about Wii, because before I was making this game, I wasn’t expecting that Wii would be a console targeted only for non-gamers. I expected more games for hardcore gamers. The reality is different to what I expected".

It’s not the first time an industry bigwig has questioned the Wii’s worth to third party publishers, with Sensible Soccer designer Jon Hare raising his concerns earlier this month.

No More Heroes will be released in the UK on February 29th.

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