Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Wii U

Minecraft is finally coming to a Nintendo console. Sort of.

Despite seeming on the face of it to be a perfect fit for Nintendo’s often younger and certainly more family-friendly demographic, Minecraft remains MIA on all Nintendo systems.

That’s despite appearances on a vast array on platforms, from last-gen to current-gen machines, mobiles and even the Raspberry Pi.

However, Telltale has confirmed to The Verge that its upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode is also going to be released on Wii U, with one of its aims being to reach new fans outside of the series’ existing fandom.

The new love for Nintendo comes despite the fact that Mojang and Minecraft are now owned by Microsoft, but Telltale’s director of creative Job Stauffer said that the idea for the game has been knocking about since 2012, with early talks taking place in 2013.

"[Tales from the] Borderlands was the challenge of telling the story of what happened next on an existing canvas. Minecraft was the challenge of telling a story for the first time on more of a blank canvas.

"When we first announced this partnership, we think some fans thought this was the result of a partnership at Microsoft, unaware that Mojang and Telltale were working together long before that," he says.

Mojang has continued to support Minecraft on all formats, including PlayStation, since its acquisition.

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