Telltale has acquired Flavourworks

Narrative game developer Telltale has announced that they have acquired the London-based game developer and video technology company Flavourworks for an undisclosed amount. 

Flavourworks is responsible for well-regarded cinematic games like Erica, Hush—Crane and Cuttlefish. It is also the owner of TouchVideo, a technology that allows for responsive interaction with video on various content platforms.

Telltale says the acquisition of Flavourworks both ‘speaks to the companies’ shared understanding of the convergence of the film and game sectors’ and is ‘in line with its commitment to bringing great narrative games to new audiences and platforms’, following its purchase and relaunch by LCG Entertainment.

“Fans today want to interact with their favourite IPs more deeply, and interactive narratives are a really immersive way to do that,” said Jamie Ottilie, Telltale CEO. “At the same time, people want to access their games from wherever they are, regardless of device or platform. Flavourworks’ technology and interactive video expertise will enable us to efficiently create story-based games and reach more people through streaming and new platforms. We’re excited about what it could mean for our portfolio of games.”

“Telltale is the perfect partner to maximize the value of our proprietary TouchVideo games engine,” added Zack Slatter, Flavourworks CEO. “They are the iconic narrative gaming brand, and we look forward to powering distribution of their games on new platforms, as well as tapping their creative and publishing resources to elevate our own original IP development.”

Telltale and Flavourworks are both backed financially by HIRO Capital, a games venture capital fund based in both London and Luxembourg. Following the acquisition’s completion, Flavourworks’ current CEO Zack Slatter will join the Telltale management team as its managing director in Europe.

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