­This new gaming accessory stinks

We’ve got a whiff of the next big thing in gaming – and it’s smell-o-vision.

Scent Sciences Corporation has told MCV it will release the ‘innovative’ (and fragrant!) ScentScape device worldwide in Q4 this year.

The machine is plugged into a PC via a USB port and contains 20 scent wells built into a special cartridge.

When triggered by a signal from whichever game is playing, a combination of heat, software algorithms and chemistry lets off the required scent, such as pine forest, ocean and smoke.

The device was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month. Scent Sciences is expected to attend the upcoming GDC 2011 to meet with potential partners. Development kits are being shipped to studios this month.

While no games have been officially confirmed, the first image of ScentScape clearly shows a World of Warcraft cartridge.

So far the product has only been demonstrated on PC, but its creators say it will be compatible with all major formats”.

ScentScape performed very well at CES this year and was very well received by those getting a live demo,” Scent Sciences’ president and CEO William Wiles told MCV.

We have some ideas to enhance the product in the future and also have a next-gen product that will be out within one year.

We have been approached by numerous retailers and distribution channels but have not selected one yet.”

ScentScape is due for release by the end of the year. It will retail in the US for $70, with additional cartridges priced at $24 each.

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