Ubisoft: We believe NX will recapture the Wii audience

Ubisoft is confident that the Nintendo NX will recapture the lost Wii audience, Ubisoft has told MCV.

The Wii was one of the most successful games consoles in history, with over 101m consoles sold. By comparison its successor, Wii U, has been a failure, shifting just shy of 13m units.

Ubisoft is the first Western third-party publisher to pledge support to the NX by announcing a Just Dance title for the platform. The announcement was made on stage during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference and EMEA boss Alain Corre told MCV that the firm is working closely with Nintendo on the project.

We have always appreciated the relationship with Nintendo, the co-creation and the fact that they are really concentrating on quality – they have fantastic brands,” he told MCV at Ubisoft’s E3 booth in Los Angeles.

And they are addressing the family market in a very different way, their own way, which we appreciate. We have done a lot of products and successes with Nintendo in the past, and we believe that the NX will recapture a lot the lapsed Wii players. So we will see when they release it, but we are confident.”

Nintendo is showing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind at E3, but the game on display is the Wii U version, and not the NX edition which is set to launch at the same time.

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