Valve eyes Wii U

Valve has become the latest games firm to show interest in Nintendo’s newest console.

Speaking to Joystiq, at the Games for Change Festival, the company’s head and co-founded Gabe Newell said that the Wii U fits into Valve’s scalability model”.

Wii U seems to be a lot more powerful than the previous generation,” he said. It sort of fits better into the scalability in terms of graphics performance and CPU performance, so I think it’ll be a lot easier for us to fit into our scalability model.”

Despite the fact that the firm has yet to release any of its games on a Nintendo console, Newell said that Valve has always loved Nintendo”.

He went on to add that the company has been gradually shifting from PC to cater for consoles as well, with games developed for Xbox 360 and the integration of Steamworks onto PS3. With Wii U, Nintendo will likely become part of this.

Earlier today, Valve announced that it’s latest release Portal 2 had topped 3m sales.

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