Wii U development grumbles emerge online

01net has acquired somewhat of a reputation for reliable Nintendo gossip, particularly after the recent hard-to-believe but actually very real leak of a joypad add-on for 3DS.

And the latest story to emerge from the French site is that developers are struggling with early builds of the Nintendo Wii U.

Sources apparently told the site that the machines shipped to studios so far have been uncharacteristically rushed out of the door” and lack the internal power needed to achieve the machine’s goals.

The wireless interchange behind the device’s innovative tablet controller and the console itself is said to be unreliable and, at the moment at least, still requires a cable to operate. Even then it is still dogged by problems.

Updates are said to be arriving on a daily basis, making projects all the trickier.

Furthermore, the problems have allegedly caused Nintendo to alter its internal scheduling. A June 2012 was planned, it is said, but this is now likely to be pushed back until September.

MCV has contacted Nintendo for comment.

UPDATE: Nintendo has told MCV that it does not comment on rumour or speculation.

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