Core gamers are uncomfortable with change, EA’s Moore argues

The growth of gaming into new markets and new business models has left some of its core fans feeling uncomfortable.

That’s according to EA COO Peter Moore, who has said that his company has chosen to embrace the change.

"The growth of gaming… there’s a core that doesn’t quite feel comfortable with that," Moore told Games Industry. "There is a core – controversial statement coming from me, sadly – that just doesn’t like that, because it’s different. It’s disruptive. It’s not the way it used to be.

I used to put my disc in the tray or my cartridge in the top, and I’d sit there and play. And all of these young people coming in, or god forbid, these old people coming into gaming.

"I don’t get frustrated, but I scratch my head at times and say, ‘Look, these are different times.’ And different times usually evoke different business models. Different consumers come in. They’ve got different expectations. And we can either ignore them or embrace them, and at EA, we’ve chosen to embrace them."

Moore added that as a result of this he’s had to perfect the art of telling constructive criticism and shouting apart.

"You have to embrace social media as a plus rather than a negative," Moore stated. "Everybody has a megaphone now. Everybody has an opinion, and you learn to filter the rant from the constructive feedback."

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