Dishonored, Arkham City, Darksiders 2 get price drops in PSN sale

Sony has kicked off a new sale on PSN featuring price drops on several AAA games; some temporary, others permanent.

Headlining the sale is Dishonored, which has nearly halved in price for a limited time from Rs 2,499 to Rs 1,299, with a further 10% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Equally big price drops have hit Rocksteady’s Batman titles, with Arkham Asylum dropping from Rs 1,499 to Rs 600, and Arkham City dropping from Rs 1,899 to Rs 720. Here too, PS Plus users get an additional 10% off.

Much bigger, permanent price drops have hit THQ’s titles, most notable of them being Darksiders 2.

Here’s a complete list of games on sale. The links will take you to the PSN web store.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (ends 27/02/13)
Was Rs 999; now Rs 600 (Additional 10% Discount for Plus Subscribers)

Batman: Arkham City (ends 27/02/13)
Was Rs 1,899; now Rs 720 (Additional 10% Discount for Plus Subscribers)

Darksiders (permanent drop)
Now Rs 240

Darksiders 2 (permanent drop)
Now Rs 599

de Blob 2 (permanent drop)
Now Rs 372

Dishonored (ends 27/02/13)
Was Rs 2,499; now Rs 1,299 (Additional 10% Discount for Plus Subscribers)

Red Faction (permanent drop)
Now Rs 150

Red Faction Armageddon (permanent drop)
Now Rs 372

Red Faction: Guerrilla (permanent drop)
Now Rs 300

The Sly Trilogy (ends 27/02/13)
Was Rs 999; now Rs 599 (Additional 10% Discount for Plus Subscribers)

Twisted Metal (ends 27/02/13)
Was Rs 1,800; now Rs 900 (Additional 10% Discount for Plus Subscribers)

Stuntman Ignition (permanent drop)
Now Rs 150

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