Evolve’s player count shoots up 26,000% since free-to-play transition

The decision to move Evolve from a premium to free-to-play business model appears to be giving the team shooter a new lease of life.

The game’s player base has increased by a whopping 26,000 per cent since its transition to a free-to-play model. Evolve had around 200 players when the free-to-play move was announced, with users spiking to 51,126 players on Saturday.

Evolve currently has 38,558 players, and is the sixth most played game on Steam as we speak.

Of course, a high player number means nothing if consumers aren’t purchasing paid content for Evolve – MCV is reaching out to 2K to see whether the amount of revenue the game is generating is on the rise.

Evolve launched as a new IP in February 2015, and according to publisher, the game had an ‘incredibly successful’ release. That didn’t stop the title from haemorrhaging players following its release.

2K announced that Evolve was going free-to-play on PC last week.

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