Fan takes to Kickstarter to fund Life Is Strange 2

An avid fan of Dontnod’s Life Is Strange has opened a Kickstarter campaign that he hopes will pave the way to a sequel.

Scott Ashby is looking for $20k. What would he do with this money?

Option One: Approach Dontnod with an offer to fund Life is Strange 2,” the pitch reads. They must agree these terms: To make Life is Strange 2 in a reasonable amount of time, to use as many of the same writers, voice actors and graphic artists as reasonable, and to honor the commitment to give advance copies of the game (and other goodies) to the original donors of the crowdsourcing fund.

Option Two: If Dontnod is not interested in making a sequel in a reasonable amount of time, then the money will be used to purchase whatever rights needed to the Life is Strange 2 and will sponsor another game developer; again with the same rules of using the same writers and voice as the original game.”

Pledges start at a quite hefty $50, for which backers are told they will get a free copy of the game. Should someone pledge $1,000 they will get to write a character backstory or voice an in-game character.

The pitch is another example of crowdfunding platforms being utilised for projects or goals that seem entirely unrealistic, but if nothing else it may serve as another highlight for Dontnod about Life Is Strange’s popularity and maybe inform upon its post Vampyr plans.

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