GAME is selling Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker from Monday

UPDATE 1:A branch of GAME in the South East has just confirmed to MCV that the game will "soft launch" in stores on Monday.

UPDATE 2: MCV has been told that all UK online retailers have now been given the nod to begin shipping Captain Toad as they see fit, ahead of the new UK launch date of Monday December 22nd.

ORIGINAL STORY: Despite having a UK release date of January 2nd, it looks as if Wii U title Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker could go on sale in the UK tomorrow.

Rumours on Neogaf earlier today suggested that retailer GAME had been given the nod for an early soft release” of the game on Monday (Dec 21st). Others then started to claim that they had received shipping notifications from GAME and assurances that the title will be delivered tomorrow (Dec 19th).

A GAME PR rep then told Videogamer that the company won’t be commenting” on the rumours – which in itself is odd if they are not true, but perhaps not so if they’ve been given the go-ahead to jump the gun ahead of rivals.

The site has also spotted that while the game still has a January 2nd release date on the website, its smartphone app now says the game releases at midnight tonight.

There are now also claims that other online retailers have begun the process of shipping their stock, or at least charging those who have pre-ordered it.

MCV has yet to receive comment from Nintendo.

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